The odd one out (Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern)

By: Hazel

May 13 2013

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Category: Made me ...blink, Made me ...ponder, Made me ...sad, Made me


Focal Length:5.8mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon DIGITAL IXUS 75

Laughing, running
parking their bikes,
carrying their backpacks
– -RING- –
echoes on an empty

In 2013, each of my photo posts will be accompanied with a short text, inspired by the idea of capturing a moment by writing “a small stone“.

6 comments on “The odd one out (Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern)”

  1. Now there’s pattern that I miss in the parks!!

    • …and a fad that I had missed until that day! Seems like every kid has a kickbike–well, except that one skater boy/girl 😉

  2. Love how the skateboard is ‘parked’ with the other ‘vehicles’!!

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