Winnie-the-faux-Pooh (A Classic with a Twist series 2)

By: Hazel

Apr 10 2011

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Category: Made me ...blink, Made me ...laugh out loud

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Focal Length:5.8mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon DIGITAL IXUS 75

One comment on “Winnie-the-faux-Pooh (A Classic with a Twist series 2)”

  1. Yes, faux-Pooh is having a “Let me take my head off so I can smoke a cigarette” break.
    In the background, unfortunately hidden behind Golden Man Who Likes to Scare People By Pretending to Be a Statue and Then Suddenly Moving, a child in pram. Well done, Pooh!

    The headlessness is an editorial choice to protect the privacy of careless Pooh, but the pram could, ideally, have been positioned in the empty part of the photo. Oh well. Next time I see a headless Pooh, my brain won’t skip an electric impulse and I’ll be able to grab my camera before the disposition is ruined! (And I kind of like the hush-hush pigeon meeting in the upper right corner.)

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